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Bill represented 10,000 Ground Zero Responders who were exposed to toxic dust during the nine-month clean-up post 9/11. The nine-year litigation gave Bill a singular and unparalleled window into humanity’s selflessness in times of need, and positivity despite peril.

As a result, Bill is passionately devoted to exploring the complex conversations of how, in today’s world, individuals can be their best selves and society can achieve its best harmony.


Keynote speaker promoting inner contentment and societal harmony Read More

Bridge The Divide

Bill provides skill-building workshops to depolarize Read More

9/12 Book

Amazon Best-Selling Book: 9/12: The Epic Battle of Ground Zero Responders Read More


Founded by Bill, SSAM ADR is a boutique dispute resolution firm Read More

Amazon Best-Selling


The Epic Battle of Ground Zero Responders
9/12 is the saga of the epic, nine-year battle waged against the City of New York and its contractors on behalf of more than ten thousand first responders who became ill as a result of working on the Ground Zero cleanup.

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