Prepared Speeches

Bill is represented by WCD Speakers
Agency, and provides the following keynote speeches

A Blueprint for Harmony


  1. Transferring our focus from ME to WE embodies Consideration, Respect and Tolerance of other’s thoughts, ideals and beliefs
  2. We all have limited personal bandwidth: Our time on earth is best spent constructively, not destructively.
  3. The mere acts of listening, and then considering common ground, move the needle of societal harmony. 
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The Post-Covid Workplace​


  1. Post Covid, the workplace power hierarchy has been inverted
  2. The biggest challenge facing Virtual Corporate America, when a common physical workspace is no longer the norm, is how to mentor, build comradery, maximize creativity and productivity and build internal brand and loyalty.
  3. Companies who consider and prioritize the interests and needs of their employees, will paradoxically enhance the company’s interests that they subordinated. 
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Choosing to be Happy​


  1. Positivity is a subjective state of mind we create
  2. We can dramatically affect our inner well-being by adjusting our expectations and perspectives
  3. By limiting negative external exposures and maximizing positive ones we can maximize our positivity
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