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The Epic Battle of Ground Zero Responders

9/12 is the saga of the epic, nine-year battle waged against the City of New York and its contractors on behalf of more than ten thousand first responders who became ill as a result of working on the Ground Zero cleanup. It is the responders’ story, told through their voices as well as that of the lead attorney/principal negotiator of the $900 million settlement, William H. Groner. This book, written by Groner and award-winning journalist Tom Teicholz, is the definitive insider’s account of how the lawsuit unfolded in the courts, in the press, in scientific/medical laboratories, among politicians at all levels of government, and in the halls of Congress to pass the Zadroga Health and Compensation Act. It is the story of the brave public servants who showed up when their country needed them, and who, in spite of their illnesses and deaths of their colleagues, say they would do it all again.

A fascinating story – and well told. If this isn’t made into a huge hit movie I’d be shocked.
Edward Solomon
American writer, producer and director
With the battle over federal health care compensation for 9/11 first responders underway once again, this behind-the-scenes chronicle about earlier struggles provides important information along with profiles in courage and self-sacrifice as readers meet those who gave their all to serve community and country.
Karen Springen
Booklist (2019-07-26)
9/11 was a tragedy on many levels, but there is something uniquely heartbreaking about the loss of the many first responders who became sick and perished as a result of the environmental catastrophe at Ground Zero. 9/12 expertly tells their harrowing tale.
Erin Brockovich
Consumer Advocate & Environmental Activist
Groner will donate all his net proceeds from 9/12 book sales in honor of the 9/11 responders.